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Volunteering is an important form of support for our Foundation. At the moment, we offer two paths of cooperation:

Participation in informational and educational activities

We are looking for volunteers interested in active counteracting domestic violence.

We guarantee:

  • the possibility of upskilling thanks to various trainings,
  • obtaining a certificate of volunteering/internship,
  • participation in interesting activities
  • the ability to influence the shape of our preventive measures,
  • flexible working hours, adjusted to the volunteer’s needs,
  • work mainly in the field, preceded by preparations in the office,
  • friendly working atmosphere,
  • the possibility of implementing your own ideas for action.

We expect:

  • punctuality,
  • determination,
  • openness to people and new experiences,
  • commitment to action.

First contact by phone with people seeking help

We are looking for people interested in providing first support to people who contact our Foundation and seek help. This form of volunteering involves answering phone calls at the Foundation’s headquarters. We guarantee a friendly atmosphere, training, exercises in the field of supportive talks, providing information on counteracting domestic violence and planning emergency assistance for people experiencing domestic violence.


Please send your applications to our email address:

Zapraszamy do przesyłania zgłoszeń pod adres mailowy

Make a donation

Donate to prevent child abuse


Help us to support victims of child abuse!


In order to ensure a safe and peaceful childhood for a mistreated child, we need to establish a cooperation with psychologists who would work together with children and their caregivers for at least several months.


In our voivodeship, there is a shortage of places with specialists able to provide free help for children who are being physically, sexually or psychologically abused. Such effects leave scars on the psyche, and that is often for life.


That is why we are launching a fundraiser, so that real specialist help can be provided to a larger number of children from Wrocław. The total income will go to provide such free support. Join our action by making a donation.


Even a small amount of money will bring us closer to our goal! If you are unable to support us financially, please pass on our call for support to your friends and family.


Thank you on behalf of those seeking help!


The team of the NON LICET Foundation

Financial assistance

Payment can be made in a form of a bank transfer:

Transfer title: darowizna na cele statutowe

Alior Bank SA 45 2490 0005 0000 4530 9931 6699

Fundacja „NON LICET” Pomoc Ofiarom Przemocy w Rodzinie Stalowa 6A, 53-425 Wrocław

Material help:

What do we need?

  • white printing paper
  • printer toners
  • bulbs with a power equal to or greater than 100w
  • flipcharts
  • markers for whiteboards and permanent markers
  • paper towels
  • toilet paper
  • cleaning products

Gifts should be donated to the Foundation’s headquarters on Stalowa 6a street in Wrocław during its working hours.

If you are not able to bring gifts in person, please contact us: +48 531 937 176.

For companies

We cordially invite you to support the activities of our organization.


Ladies and gentlemen,


The NON LICET Foundation helps people in difficult social and financial situations, in particular those experiencing domestic violence. We offer consultations and therapy in cases of crisis situations. We run, among others, a Child-Friendly Interview Room, the task of which is to provide friendly interview conditions for children who have experienced abuse and violence. The center has a friendly, warm atmosphere – in safe conditions you can talk about your problems. Our team consists of people with various qualifications, who provide comprehensive assistance to people reaching our center.


Currently, the Foundation plans to conduct trainings for teachers in the field of recognizing the symptoms of child abuse and taking appropriate intervention in such cases, for which we need funds for remuneration of the trainers, namely 1800 PLN. Therefore, we kindly ask you to provide the Foundation with such support.


We will be very grateful for your help. Even small improvements of the Foundation’s actions help us, but primarily they help to act better and faster for those who come to us for help. Thanks to your kindness, we will be able to support more people!


Should you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them.


Yours sincerely,

The team of the NON LICET Foundation

They support us

Our Foundation cooperates with various partners who actively support its activities. Without this help, we would not be able to achieve our goals.

We would like to thank:


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