Join the “We Protect Children” programme and learn how to prevent child abuse

The NON LICET Foundation is an ambassador of “We Protect Children” programme led by Empowering Children Foundation. Our specialists train professionals who work with children how to recognise that a child might be abused and how to intervene in this kind of situation.

Our offer is addressed to schools and centres that want to get obtain the We Protect Children certificate – for more information visit the website of the programme:

Trainings are free of charge for its participants, however in order to organise the training we need to raise some external funds for the trainers’ remuneration.

We organise trainings in Lower Silesian Voivodeship and provide them in Polish language. If you’re interested in organising the training with us or you’d like to get more information about the programme or our offer, please contact us: +48 531 937 176.

The trainings are conducted by certified trainers of Empowering Children Foundation’s programme “We Protect Children”. The NON LICET Foundation is the ambassador of the programme for Lower Silesian Voivodeship.

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