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Our goals

Our mission is to support people experiencing crisis and domestic violence. We provide psychological support and legal advice, inform about rights of victims and possible forms of assistance, and help people in need find solution in difficult, critical situations.

Our Foundation provides support for over 20 years now. We help adults and children, who were victims/witnesses of domestic violence. We provide warm and friendly ambience in our centre, so that people visiting us can talk about their problems in safe and secure conditions.

Our main activities:

  • providing all-embracing help for people in crisis, including those suffering from domestic violence,
  • enabling children and adolescent from dysfunctional families to develop in all fields,
  • providing help and advising in all domains of abused persons’’ problems, including sexually abused children,
  • revealing the problem of domestic violence to the media and to the public eye,
  • creating a social climate that enables all actions for those families.

Statute of the Foundation

Read our Statute (in Polish)


Foundation Board

Daniel Łukacki

He completed a study in Counteracting Domestic Violence organized by the Blue Line Ambulance Service in Warsaw, studied Political Science at the University of Management and Banking and completed post-graduate studies in Accounting at the University of Economics in Wrocław. He has been providing support to the Foundation’s clients for years as well as coordinating and accounting for projects in the field of counteracting domestic violence, helping victims of crime and to people in crisis.

As a member of the Foundation, he is the President of the Management Board. He deals with financial services for the activities carried out by the Foundation.

Agnieszka Świętczak

She graduated from Sociology School, specializes in Social Services. She completed a course in Counteracting Domestic Violence organized by the Blue Line Ambulance Service in Warsaw, underwent numerous training courses in helping people experiencing violence (including “Prevention of risky sexual behavior of young people” – The Empowering Children Foundation, “Aid for crime victims” – the Ministry of Justice). Completed training courses of the Academy of Sexual Education founded by the REAKCJA Association and the Kazimierz Wielki University in Bydgoszcz, in School of Trainers participated in the WePROTECT Children program run by the Empowering Children Foundation.

As a member of the Foundation, she is the first contact person, Vice President of the Management Board and coordinator of the projects implemented by the Foundation. She also organizes and co-conducts training for volunteers and people working with children as an Ambassador and Trainer of the WePROTECT Children program.

Psychologists and psychotherapists

Natasza Słocińska

A graduate of Psychology and postgraduate studies in “Clinical Diagnosis and Psychotherapy” at the SWPS University in Wrocław. She graduated from the School of Trainers “WePROTECT Children” run by the Empowering Children Foundation as well as the School for Parents and Educators – training for implementers. She completed numerous training courses related to violence issues and helping people in crisis. She completed Development of Open Dialogue And Social Networks in a Mental Crisis course organized by the Polish Institute of Open Dialogue and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy For Children And Adolescents course at the CBT Edu Center in Warsaw.

She also improved her qualifications at the Institute of Professional Aid on an advanced course – “Large Compendium of Knowledge on Therapy for Small People”. She worked with children and parents as an elementary school psychologist for seven years.

As a member of the Foundation, she provides psychological support to adults, as well as conducts training courses for professionals working with children as an Ambassador and Trainer of Child Protection Programme.

Małgorzata Makarczuk-Kłos

A psychologist, psychotherapist, head of the Interdisciplinary Team for Counteracting Domestic Violence in Wrocław. She has been working for many years with people experiencing domestic violence. Completed a course in Counteracting Domestic Violence, Methods of Working with Victims of Sexual Violence, Their Families and Guardians. She completed a course in basic and advanced systemic therapy. She is a certified psychotherapist and system advisor of the Greater Poland Society of Systemic Therapy.

As a member of the Foundation, she provides consultations for children, who have experienced violence and their parents/caregivers. She also provides systemic therapy for families, provides training courses for professionals working with children, and therapeutic classes for parents, who want to improve their educational methods. As an expert and co-founder, she supervises the work of the Foundation team.

Agnieszka Ukleja

Psychologist and psychotherapist working with psychodynamic theory approach. A graduate of psychology at SWPS University with clinical specialization and sociology with specialization in social services at the University of Wrocław. Currently she is completing her 4-year training in order to obtain a therapist’s certificate at the Krakow Psychodynamic Center, recommended and accredited by the Polish Psychological and Psychiatric Association (currently she is in her 4th year). She regularly evaluates her work. She completed training courses related to helping people in crisis, to providing therapy for children and adolescents, to diagnosing intelligence in practice.

She gained professional experience during her internships at the Provincial Mental Care Institution in Sokołówka in General Medicine Department, as a member of Abstinence teams, in Social Welfare Home in Lisków, Orphanage in Lisków, Children’s Oncology and Hematology Clinic in Wrocław. Currently, she cooperates with Praesterno Foundation as psychologist, youth therapist and with Psychological Center “Melisa”, where she provides individual therapy for adults.

As a member of NON LICET Foundation, provides individual consultations, during which she supports people in crisis and those experiencing violence.

Katarzyna Kuc-Kowalczyk

Clinical psychologist, cognitive-behavioral psychotherapist under certification. A graduate of Psychology at the SWPS University in Wrocław and a student of the School of Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy under the supervision of Dr. Agnieszka Popiel and Dr. Ewa Pragłowska in Wrocław. Participant of many training courses (including psychological diagnosis in clinical practice, crisis intervention, psychodrama and behavioral addictions). She gained clinical experience at the Lower Silesian Mental Health Center in Wrocław, Homine Mental Health Clinic in Wrocław, NEUROMED Neuropsychiatry Center in Wrocław, NZOZ Center for Crisis Intervention KARAN in Wrocław and NZOZ Egomedica Mental Health Center in Częstochowa.

She is currently in private practice. Works mainly with adults who have difficulties in building close relationships, are overwhelmed by fear and negative thinking about themselves, feel insecure in new life roles (e.g. parental ones), have experienced trauma and the impression that they keep making the same mistakes. She helps them to educate themselves anew, to find peace and joy in life. She believes that everyone deserves to feel loved, accepted, confident and fulfilled.

He has been cooperating with the NON LICET Foundation since 2016. Initially, she was on duty for the first contact. Currently, she provides psychological assistance as part of individual consultations.

Anna Awdziewicz

A psychologist. She completed training in recognizing the symptoms of child abuse and intervening in such cases. She has been working for many years with children and their families, including those in crisis. A member of working groups under the “Blue Card” procedure, experienced in intervening in cases of child abuse disclosure. A director of the “Good Morning” private kindergarten and the head of the “Easy To Say” therapeutic kindergarten.

She has been involved in working with people on the autism spectrum and their families for 7 years. Works as an early development support therapist with children with developmental disorders. She runs counseling and a support group for parents of children with developmental difficulties. She also holds workshops on psychotherapeutic education at the Psychological Education Center. She has experience in creating and managing institutions for children with autism. She is a co-creator of the “Easy To Say” Foundation for children with special developmental needs. She constantly improves her knowledge by means of participating in numerous workshops, training sessions and conferences related to sociotherapy, trauma therapy, etc.

Martina Gac-Chojnowska

A psychologist, she has been working for several years with people experiencing domestic violence as part of first contact duty, at the NON LICET Foundation she conducts teenager therapy, coordinates fundraising for statutory activities and is a member of the team coordinating current activities of the Foundation. She completed training in counteracting domestic violence and conducting supportive talks with people experiencing violence, as well as additional training in counteracting and responding to violence against children organized by the Interdisciplinary Team for Counteracting Domestic Violence as part of the “Ties that protect” project.

She held numerous workshops in the field of soft skills, graduated in Family Therapy at the Lower Silesian Psychotherapy Center in Wrocław and completed a training in Teenagers Therapy at the Institute of Professional Aid in Poznań. She has experience in creating class outlines and conducting Emotional Intelligence workshops for primary school children at Impossible Foundation. She has experience in working with young adults, which she gained by analyzing the Support Networks operating at Spanish universities during the exchange under the Erasmus program (educating students as potential witnesses of violence in the relations of their peers).

Monika Kawecka

A clinical psychologist, a psychotherapist in the process of training. She graduated from the SWPS University in Wrocław.

She increased her knowledge thanks to numerous courses and training sessions, including Crisis Intervention training, provided by the Arcan group, as well as Group Therapy Training. Currently, she is studying at the 4-year school of Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapy at the SWPS University.

She gained clinical experience in many psychological centers in Poland, Sri Lanka and Great Britain, including at the Lower Silesian Cancer Center, Wrocław Alzheimer Center, Lower Silesian Mental Health Center, Polish Psychologists Association in London, National Council For Mental Health Sahanaya in Sri Lanka – during a five-month internship at a psychiatric hospital in Sri Lanka and at the County Family Assistance Center in Wrocław.

At the NON LICET Foundation, he provides paid psychological consultations and cognitive and behavioral psychotherapy.

In psychological and psychotherapeutic work, she helps people who experience:

  • depressed mood,
  • depression,
  • fear, anxiety, panic attacks, phobias,
  • eating disorders,
  • difficulty sleeping, stress,
  • low self-esteem,
  • emotional crisis.

She regularly evaluates her work. Works online with adults and teenagers in Polish and English.


Wiktor Korbecki


A Legal Counselor. He graduated from the Law School at the University of Wrocław. He gained experience while working at the District Court for Wrocław-Śródmieście in Wrocław, at the District Court in Wrocław in the Civil and Family Department and in the Criminal Division, as well as during the legal advisor apprenticeship. He currently runs his own law firm. He continues to develop himself by participating in specialized training courses, such as “Proceedings in cases of separation and divorce with particular emphasis on the decisions concerning minor children and proceedings in cases concerning the division of joint property”, “Selected issues important in the work of an assistant judge adjudicating in family matters in the district court of first and second instance”.

As a part of the legal aid at the Foundation, he provides professional legal assistance in difficult family matters, including parental authority, alimony, divorce, separation, criminal proceedings related to acts consisting in the use of physical, psychological and sexual violence, and proceedings in juvenile cases.

First contact persons

Ilona Kowalska

5th year student of Psychology department at the SWPS University in Wrocław. She approaches her work with enthusiasm and passion. Her interests include helping people experiencing violence, people with depression and anxiety disorders. She gained experience by participating in numerous trainings in the field of: crisis intervention, self-destructive behavior and therapy methods, suicide and self-injury- diagnosis, crisis intervention and psychological help. Upon graduation, she would like to take up psychotherapeutic training in the cognitive-behavioral trend.

In the NON LICET Foundation, she is on duty for the first contact, where she provides information and support to people seeking help.

Agata Farbotko


Agata Groyecka-Bernard

In 2016, she graduated from psychology at the University of Wrocław. Currently, she is a postgraduate student in the field of Crisis Intervention at the SWPS University.

She gained professional experience at the Center for the Treatment of Neuroses and Eating Disorders “Dąbrówka” in Gliwice, and at the Consultation and Psychological Counseling Laboratory at the University of Wrocław. In addition, she conducted preventive classes for children and adolescents for three years.

Agata also works scientifically, preparing a doctoral dissertation on inter-group relations.

At NON LICET she is on duty for the first contact. People looking for help can count on her support, consultations and providing the information.

Karolina Piotrowska

A last-year student of Psychology at the SWPS University in Wrocław. She is interested in issues in the field of family and youth psychology, as well as sexology. She improves her knowledge gained during her studies by undergoing training courses and via webinars. Upon graduation, she would like to take up psychotherapeutic training in the systemic approach.

At the Foundation, she is on duty for the first contact, supporting and providing information to people seeking help.


Annual reports to Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Policy (in Polish)

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